Taxation Law & Policy

We cover the application of tax laws on individuals, entities and corporations, in areas where tax revenue is derived or levied, e.g. income tax, estate tax, business tax, employment/payroll tax, property tax, gift tax and exports/imports tax.

Mining & Devolution Law

Mining law relating to the legal requirements affecting minerals and mining, including the ownership of mineral resources and who can work them.

Legislative Drafting & Policy Development

We can assist in both subjective and objective policy development and assist senior management with decisions that must be based on the relative merits of a number of factors.

Legal Advisory & Consultancy

We help individuals and organizations on all legal matters and best practices, and offer our specialized expertise to improve the legal compliance and performance.

Land and Rates Law

We provide legal assistance on property and land laws, advice on government land policies in regards to land ownership and use, and represent our clients in buying and selling real estate.

Labor & Employment Law

We advice individuals and organizations on laws that mediate the relationship between workers, employing entities, trade unions and the government, and employees' rights at work.

Forensic Legal Audits

Intellectual Property Law

Insurance Law

Criminal Law


Constitutional Law & Judicial Review

Civil Litigation

Pro Bono

We offer free expert legal services to clients who cannot otherwise afford to pay legal fees. Apply today to find out whether you qualify.

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